Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Eyeing the Golf scene

Honestly, why are drivers $600 and a round of golf at a good course
is over $100? And why do the balls cost $40 per dozen?

I mean, sometimes I think that the golf industry is clueless and
here's why.

They think everyone who plays golf makes over $100k and is
"affluent". That we all drive Porsche's and have $100 bills
spewing from our pockets ready to spend on some shirt in the pro
shop that's $80 when you can get it at Target for $19.99.

But ever since Tiger came along the sport is more diverse than ever,
especially when it comes to economic status.

Truth is, golf ain't doin' so well as a sport and I think it's time
they shifted their thinking.

If we want the sport to prosper, the golf industry needs to make
the game appeal more to the masses rather than this smaller
perceived group of "affluents".

Here's how...

First, do a reality check on pricing. I mean, really, is Pebble
Beach worth $450 to play or that Driver worth $600? Just be
realistic about what you charge and stop the price gouging. It's a
turn-off for new golfers and creates an unnecessary barrier to
enter the sport.

And second, make instruction more available to the average golfer.
If a golfer can learn the proper fundamentals, etiquette, SPEED OF
PLAY!, he/she will be much more likely to enjoy the sport, become
better at it and be devoted to the sport for life.

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