Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Eyeing The Tactician and the Strategist

Some Things PKR's Tactician Did Not Foresee

The master strategist is never happy about winning battles. He is into winning wars. The tactician is only keen in running into skirmishes, like a guerrilla soldier, hitting at will to bruise the opponents. Except in case of Kajang, the one that will come out blue and black, wounded in pride is the poor tactician who called himself a strategist. When he advised Anwar to dismiss Lee from Kajang he did not foresee the following events:

1. Khalid's water deal with the federal government.

2. Khalid joining in the race for Deputy President to challenge Azmin.

3. Khalid's announcement of candidacy just ahead of Kajang by-election

4. MCA's return to BN government just before the by-election with two ministerial posts

5. MCA's chosen candidate for the mostly Chinese constituency of Kajang.

6. Zaid, the ubiquitous thorn in Anwar's side, jumping into the ring at Kajang by-election.

7. An uproar over ridiculous increase in rates of business licenses in Kajang municipality.

8. The wrath of the Chinese when Lee left without rhyme or reason.

The consequences are great. The strategists on Barisan's side were ahead of the tactician:

A. They persuaded MCA to return to the fold offering them four positions.

B. They allowed a Chinese lady to challenge the flamboyant, Bollywood singing PKR pretender to Putrajaya throne, Anwar. If she were to win, she would have the last laugh!

C. They agreed and in timely manner entered into the water agreement with Khalid to make the MB look better than others in PKR. Khalid really looked good on TV screens nationwide. BN ministers only smiled quietly in the background. They pulled off yet another coup, embarrassing Anwar to no end on his way to Japan. Rafizi, like his boss was left in the dark. And Azmin, "Well, Khalid will have to explain to Anwar why PKR was never informed".

D. They sacrificed all the water concessionaires belonging to some who have jumped ship and now back Anwar. A mistake by those who once were supported by Barisan. Now they are left in the cold. Khalid informed the press "You cannot disclose the terms of the water deals because concessionaires are public companies, listed on BSKL!"