Thursday, April 17, 2008

All Eyes the Olympics

The Sprint boys did very well and all of them are eyeing for the Olympic berth. The team sprint ranking tenth in the world now will qualify by merit due to their ranking from the various sanctioned competitions that they have participated.

Azizulhasni had emerged and blossomed well, ahead of his time. Rizal managed to peak just in time to establish himself as the fastest Kilo Rider in Asia. Together with Edrus and Josiah Ng, they should be doing a good time in Beijing come August.

Fateha and Uracca are coming up to the mark slowly but surely and its good to know that the youths of Malaysia (men and women) can excel at the world stage/

Congratulations to all those eyeing for the Olympics. We are very honoured and proud to see them in Beijing flying the Malaysian Flag.

Our eyes will be wide open to see whether they can create an upset.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Look me in the eyes

Yes, I know it hurts. Don't I know that you are suffering. They do not understand that you had lost your loved one not so recently. But we know you've got a replacement. But what hurts most is I am sure when you loose five of your loved ones. And everybody feels bad that you do not have your two thirds anymore. I am sure its worst when the person who entrusted you with the responsibility keeps attacking your inadecuacies and your weaknesses. Doesn't he understand that it is not easy. Yes, it is not easy to improve. It is not easy to prevent the situation from becoming bad to worst. Especially when you do not want them to work for you but instead work with you.

It is comforting to know that your right hand man is very patient and at the same time supportive. He is hurting too. But he is not the sort of person that will leave you to walk alone, especially in this darkest hour. He is in the same boat. All the others agree that the responsibility is collective.

So you better shape up or ship out. Its not the time to be defensive, Its not the time to be attacking either. Its time to move ahead in the right direction. Extra baggages will slow us down.

Look me in the eyes and tell me if I am wrong. If you think that the ship will sink with you on board, lets work out when to bail out. Forget about collective responsibility. A leader in his right mind will accept total responsibility. You can find scape goats, but that will create further erosion of power. Your organisation needs unity not diversity.

Look me in the eyes and tell me if I am wrong. Your organisation is never prepared when you decided to make the announcement. You did not have an inkling of what is going on at the roots. Misinformed or breakdown in communication. False reporting maybe. But for sure, for some they are semi prepared, for some they are not. You have left it to chance and rightfully the opportunists do not take a second look.

Look me in the eyes and tell me if I am wrong. No prior work is done by those who have been chosen whether they are incumbents or new. Not enough time for candidates to work out, sort out and stabilise. Not enough time for them to deliver and there is no guarantee that they will be able to deliver.

Look me in the eyes and tell me if I am wrong. There are so many issues unresolved. The Malays, the Chinese and the Indians have many issues unresolved. We have not addressed their concerns and we expect them to trust us with leadership. They protest and they revolt. Purely because we have not answered them.

Look me in the eyes and tell me that I am wrong. The Palaces's seems to have also minor problems which we do not seem to be aware of. Again there might be miscommunication.

Look me in the eyes and tell me that I am wrong. Its not going to be easy to win their trusts again. You let them loose. You give them their voice. You are happy at the same time very sad. You are not sure whether you have landed in their trap. If they had designed to destroy your organisation, they are almost successful. If they had designed to weaken your authority, yes they are successful. Certainly and surely they had scored more successes than you do.

Look me in the eyes and tell me when is the right time?

My eyes on you

Yes, watch out and look out. You are being watched. Sometimes you do not know that I watch you dashing across red lights. Sometimes you do not know that I watch you jaywalking, crossing roads not using the zebra crossing or the pedestrian bridge. Sometimes you do not know that your actions are hurting other people. Sometimes you do not know that your actions tentamount to creating a lot of problems. You incite racial hatred. You thrive on communal sentiments and you bury peace loving thoughts. You are not friendly to your neighbours. You do not smile back. You are very selfish. Sometimes you are very arrogant. And its a disater when you forgot GOD exists.
You sometimes think you are almighty.

And when I watch you when you are not you, you always land yourself in trouble. You get into situations which you cannot blame other people for the mess you are in. Not too late to repent.
You know you are good. You become bad when you think we are not watching you.

Please be certain that my eyes on you.

An eye for an eye

A lot of people sometimes want to see things from their perpective only. A lot of people sometimes try to put their position in other people's shoes and try to see from that position. Whilst others sometimes assume that they are seen, they did not have a clue at what the people are looking at.

They think they are beautiful, but they forgot that beauty lies on the eyes of the beholder. Whilst those being eyed thought that they are attractive, they did not have a clue at what the people are eyeing at.

In normal circumstances, people do see eye to eye. But because sometimes vision is not perfect, they do don't see eye to eye. And when these differences leads to blood bath and sometimes fatality, then its a case for an eye for an eye.

So, thus its good to have the third eye.

But not to worry, the third eye is only human. When eye meets the eye, the tonque is glued in silence (from the malay words: bila mata bertemu mata, lidah kelu tak terkata kata).