Thursday, April 17, 2008

All Eyes the Olympics

The Sprint boys did very well and all of them are eyeing for the Olympic berth. The team sprint ranking tenth in the world now will qualify by merit due to their ranking from the various sanctioned competitions that they have participated.

Azizulhasni had emerged and blossomed well, ahead of his time. Rizal managed to peak just in time to establish himself as the fastest Kilo Rider in Asia. Together with Edrus and Josiah Ng, they should be doing a good time in Beijing come August.

Fateha and Uracca are coming up to the mark slowly but surely and its good to know that the youths of Malaysia (men and women) can excel at the world stage/

Congratulations to all those eyeing for the Olympics. We are very honoured and proud to see them in Beijing flying the Malaysian Flag.

Our eyes will be wide open to see whether they can create an upset.

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