Monday, October 21, 2013

Eyeing the way forward after the UMNO Elections

Ordinary UMNO member who had served at Branch, Division, State and National level

Let’s forgive and forget and immediately get cracking

Open letter to all UMNO contestants in the UMNO 2013 Election.

Dear friends and colleagues, congratulations to those who had been given the mandate to lead the respective wings and divisions at all levels and also the supreme council seats. For those who are not yet successful and the time had not arrived, there should not be despair because the whole exercise is to serve the Religion, Country and our beloved race (Agama, Negara dan Bangsa).

As a leader or as a follower, each and every one of us has an important role to play in our daily life in serving our religion, country and race. There are no leaders without followers. If with GOD’s grace you are given the mandate by the majority to lead definitely you want supporters to help and assist you in achieving the Party’s goals and objectives. There is no exception when one failed to be chosen. As a follower, there is also a great responsibility to carry out party tasks and developing the umat. That is to support the chosen leader.

The time to test one’s popularity is over. Whether one is popular or not, does not mean that one is not a better party member. Whilst individuals provide the leadership, the party’s strength is in its numbers. A divided party is a weak party. A united party will be a strong party. A united party does not mean the absence of differing views in achieving party objectives. Members can differ in their opinions and views, once decided they move as a team and implement the agreed objectives.

When one wants to lead, it is to better the livelihood of one’s followers. Followers will have a choice to pick who they want to lead them. Sometimes their choice does not garner enough to be the victor. It would not be wise to abandon the party. One joins the party  not because of individuals or positions or what one gets from the party, but for what the party struggles and fight for.
The unity brought with it the strength to succeed in championing and winning the struggles, whether in achieving independence, whether in fighting the communists, whether in governing to develop the nation and solving the sensitive issues of religion and race. If everyone takes the attitude, I win I stay and I lose I bail, than there will be no unity in the party and the party will become weak. A weak party serves no one. When one wins one expects to receive wholesome support in order to be effective, so also it is true for one’s opponent.

Let’s shake, forgive and forget. Lets get cracking with the surmountable tasks that lay ahead in uniting the party and galvanising the community’s support for greater cooperation within the ummah. A divided ummah will allow invasions and interventions.

The party needs to look into its organisation structure so as to be efficient and effective in preparing itself to serve the community. The most effective way is to have representation at the respective levels. The present distribution of the branches is haphazard and do not have boundaries. First, there must be branches established in each Locality where they serve the locals. A Liason coordinating Committee will oversee these Locality Branches at the Polling Station Centres. Another Liason Committee overseeing the Polling Centres in one State Constituency and culminating at the Division level where the boundary is the Parliamentary constituency.

Liason Coordinating Committees at the Polling Station Units will be responsible for the Security and Development of its area. Three major bureaus should be established to look into matters of religion, education and welfare. Healthy lifestyle and recreational activities can be included in welfare services. Together, the committee as a whole looks after the area's security, community and economic development.

The economic well being of the community will be crucial in determining the community’s support. Therefore, ECONOMY is important. Land utilisation and development in the respective area can enhance the community’s contribution to the Gross National Product. Giving employment and human resource initiatives will help to generate income for members of the community and structured planning for the Area’s economic development will bring prosperity.

With a sound information and communication channel established amongst members, dissemination of information and feedback can be managed for the benefit of the community and these can be linked online to the Headquarters.

Those who had been chosen must get cracking quickly to organize themselves and lead the way immediately. No time to waste.

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