Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Eyeing what Tan Sri Sabbaruddin Chik is up to these days

He is a very forthright man and he did not mince his words. He shoots off from the hip and do not hold back. What is important to him are the truths. He firmly believes that everyone should be truthful and must call a spade a spade. It was an invigorating 2 hours that we spent with him this afternoon. The first half of the session was discussing with Tan Sri about his expectations of the Monsoon Cup of which he is the Chairman of T Best Events Sdn Bhd now who had been given the mandate to organize the Monsoon Cup fro the next four years. The other hour is pent on politicts of the nation and how UMNO and also Barisan Nasional can effectively serve Malaysians.

Tan Sri Sabbaruddin hopes that UMNO members at all levels should not abuse their position in the party and should not allow friends or members of the family to influence decisions or take advantage of the positions of power that is entrusted to UMNO leaders. When UMNO is given the mandate to lead and serve Malaysians, it is not for UMNO to serve themselves and make them rich. UMNO should be fighting for the benefits and prosperity of the masses and not some individuals only.

After undergoing a kidney transplant for about ten years ago, Tan Sri Sabbaruddin is as healthy and fit as ever and the two hours spent with the retired politician was very refreshing and fulfilling.

Tan Sri Sabbaruddin Chik's biography.

First Name: Sabbaruddin
Last Name: Chik
Title: Tan Sri
Country: Malaysia
Date of Birth: 11/12/1941
Place of Birth: Temerloh, Pahang
* Puan Sri Faridah Mohammed (current)
* Sekolah Melayu Bintang, Temerloh, Pahang. 1952
* Sekolah Abu Bakar, Temerloh, Pahang. 1960

* Malay College Kuala Kangsar (MCKK), Perak. 1962
* University Malaya, Kuala Lumpur. 1963-1965 B.A (Hons)
* Institute of Social Studies, The Haque, Holland. 1972-1974 Diploma (International & Nat.Dev)
* Institute of Social Studies, The Haque, Holland. Masters in Public Administration.

* 1966-1967 State Assistant Secretary, Negeri Sembilan.
* 1967 Assistant Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
* 1967-1971 2nd Secretary, Malaysian Embassy in Saigon.
* 1969 Acting Head of Mission, Malaysian Embassy, Saigon.
* 1971-1975 Principal Assistant Secretary, Prime Minister's Department.
* 1975-1976 Director Planning, Ministry of General Planning & Social Economic Research.
* 1976-1979 Director, International Trade Division, Ministry of Trade & Industry.
* 1980-Dec 1980 Deputy State Secretary of Selangor.
* 1981 General Manager of International Division, Pernas Trading.
* 1982-1999 Member of Parliament for Temerloh, Pahang.
* May 1982-May 1987 Deputy Minister, Ministry of Finance.
* May 20, 1987-May 1999 Minister, Ministry of Culture, Arts and Tourism.

* 1973 UMNO Joined as member.
* 1980-1982 Head of the Temerloh UMNO Youth Division.
* 1981 UMNO Youth Head, Paya Jejawi.
* 1982 Division Chief, Temerloh UMNO Division.
* 1984-Oct 1996 Member, UMNO Supreme Council.
* Jul 17, 1987 Deputy Chairman, Pahang UMNO Liaison Committee.
* Head of UMNO Culture Bureau.
* Feb 21, 1988 Appointed member of UMNO Baru pro-tem committee.
* Sep 1995 Returned unopposed as Head of Temerloh UMNO Division.
* Nov 1996-May 1999 Secretary General, UMNO.
* Until Apr 2001 Head, Temerloh UMNO Division.
Nov 2, 2001 Priceworth Wood Products Berhad. Chairman
* Nov 20, 2002 Eden Enterprises (M) Berhad. Independent Non-Exec Director
* Southern Waste Management S/B. Chairman
* Chairman T Best Events Sdn Bhd

* President, Anak-Anak Pahang Welfare Association (PERKAP), Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur.
* Oct 21, 1984 Chairman, FAM Finance Committee.
* Advisor, Society of the Blind in Malaysia.
* 1998 Chairman, National Day Celebration Organising Committee.
* 1998 Chairman, Constitution Amendment Committee.
* 1988-2001 President, Malaysian Chess Federation.
* Jul 10, 1988 Vice-President, Football Association of Malaysia (FAM).
* Nov 5, 1988 Vice-President of Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM).
* President, Manchester United Supporters Club Malaysia Branch.
* Member, Subang Golf Club.
* Member, Royal Selangor Golf club.
* President, Subang National Golf Club (KGNS).
* Patron, Temerloh District Amateur Athletics Association.

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