Sunday, October 11, 2009

Eyeing what the MCA delegates up to

On second thoughts, if they had used their brains rather than their brawn, both of them could still be working together constructively in a party where the Chinese Community put their hopes on in the political landscape of Malaysia. Now the community that is represented by the delegates at the extraordinary general meeting had shown them the way, the leadership decisions is questionable and did not get the confidence of their mandate and that the dismissal should not be done and at the same time there is no place for characters which have a reputation which can erode the good image of the Chinese Party. Link to NST report.

The way forward,

one is for OTK and CSL quickly search their soul and ask for forgiveness and mend their rifts because it is proven that they are equally strong and if they are united, it is a very strong and formidable combination for the party subject to the endorsement of their supporters.

two, if they cannot get to terms, then the MCA needs to find a new force to bring the chinese community together and rebuild the Chinese political vehicle to be accepted by Barisan Nasional and Malaysians at large with dignity and respect so that they will be trusted to represent the ommunity in the next general election.

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