Sunday, May 4, 2008

Today we buried two good eyes

It was 27 years ago that I got acquainted with this pair of good eyes. He got a good eye for saving and he has also good eyes for solid investments in the motor industry. Then was when we together initiated the Malay Car Importers and Traders Association back in 1981 or known as PEKEMA (Persatuan Pengedar dan Pengimpot Kenderaaan Melayu Malaysia. I was representing the Citroen imported cars then.

Together with Hamid (Dato' Hamid Ally Azran), Yahya (Arwah Tan Sri Yahya DRB), Hamid (We and Wheels), Fauzi (MOFAZ), among others (another about 40 odd car importers and traders) and of course Nasimuddin (Arwah Tan Sri from NAZA Motors). One of our main achievements was to get the cabinet through then Minister of Finance YBM Tengku Razaleigh to allow us to manage our own bonded warehouses and showrooms.

PEKEMA is doing very well now and so is Naza Motors under the able leadership of Nasimuddin. It is a big shock when I receive news at about 3-30 am two days ago that he had died of cancer. He is a very nice humble man even though he is a billionaire by now (I think). A soft spoken gentleman and what really catches me was his remembrance of PEKEMA Founder members.
He never fails to greet me when on occassions we meet either at the launching of NAZA products or some other events. I never fail to get an invite from NAZA's function. Whether its their bike events or car events. I dont think its because we bought a few Mecerdes from them. But I think its more of the friendship. Its good to know also that NAZA is very well diversified. May NAZA keep on prospering and carry the flag as a suceessful Bumiputera Conglomerate as justice and payback to the great man who had sowed the seed and nurse it to grow so that the fruits are cherished by all and the future generation.

Rest in Peace Nasimuddin and may God bless your soul

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