Sunday, March 9, 2014

Eyeing the mystery of flight MH 370 and suggestions - an open letter

It is very sad indeed to learn that a Malaysia Airlines plane heading to Beijing disappeared mysteriously.

I am sure that everyone is shocked and surprised but do not deter the respective authorities to execute their standard operating procedures (SOP) when such event occur. Especially Airline Companies, they will have strict standard of operating procedures and also the Search and Rescue (SAR) and also the National Emergency Centre (NEC) or the National Response Coordinating Centre (NRCC).

It is no longer a Malaysia Airlines problem. It is a national tragedy for the Country's Commercial Plane to go missing. So thats why the Prime Minister and his cabinet is involved, the Police, the Army's wings of air (TUDM), sea (TLDM) and land (ATM) and all other related Ministries and agencies. The public at large is concerned and so much so the families of the passengers and crew.

Its not only the thirty eight Malaysian passengers and the all Malaysian crew of twelve that is involve, it becomes international issue when other passengers from other countries are also missing. So definitely it becomes an international operation where Countries from where the passengers come from and neighbouring countries would want to help and assist. International Intelligence Units will be curious and definitely wants to be involved when there are evidence that stolen passports are being used by two passengers.

The World is looking at Malaysia and how she handles and manage this. We cannot be having too many people to be speaking at press conferences. There should only be one spokesperson. Releases should be prepared and compiled with all parties and dessiminate clearly and properly. Personalities during press conferences should not behave af if they are hiding something, looked suspicious, in a hurry to close the conference and looked distressed. The spokesperson must be cool, calm, collected and composed. He or she is talking and informing family members, other Governments, Stakeholders, Public at large and the World Media of the findings and latest situations. When they are still searching, releases should be better than conferences. This is to avoid speculation and unprepared answers. When you dont know, when you are silent or when you say it is priviledged security information, viewers get suspicious.

Phase 1 (Search and Rescue) needs to be addressed very carefully,
a) Record of the plane (History, incidents, maintenance, services, flight hours etc).
b) Info on Pilot and Co Pilot and crew members (Profile and experiences).
c) The Passengers manifest.
d) Departure (ETD) and flight path information to Destination and (ETA)
e) Location where communication is lost
f) Immediate actions taken to communicate with Plane and other planes enroute
g) Contacting other control towers and Department of Civil Aviations
h) Contacting Governments and Transport Authorities of flight path Countries
i) Efforts in seeking other International Organisation's assistance and help
j) Contacting and assembling family members of passengers and crews
k) Activating Operation Centres (SAR/NCRR/Family hospitality and counselling)
l) Announcements of SAR Plan, strategy, capabilities and equipments & resources
m) Coordinate National and International information for Official Releases
n) Concentrate on facts and figures and never speculate or make assumptions

There are a lot of Organisations involved Nationally and Internationally. It is not going to be easy to coordinate. The Director of SAR and or NRCC must be tasked to manage. There have to be one leader to pull through this episode. Information must be accurate and truthful and based on solid proof. No hearsay, no thinking and definitely no story telling.

Not only the future of the Malaysia Airlines business is at stake and also the sensitivities of the family members but Malaysia as a whole (the Government and the Opposition, the Public Sector, the Private Sector, Religious Organisations,  Non Government Organistions, Social Organisations and the Public at large must unite to resolve together what had come upon us. Lets not give up hope and lets pray that all these will end positively.

Concerned Malaysian Citizen,
Naim bin Mohamad.

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