Saturday, September 12, 2009

Eyeing the MIC General Assembly

News is out that the President's men have all secured their positions and that Dato Seri Samy Vellu is strongly entrenched in the Malaysian Indian Congress. One can conclude that the majority of the MIC delegates had toed the line and followed the President's wishes. The other view is that, they are putting in Samy's men bacause Samy had mentioned that if his mens' win then it is time for him to go. There's a thin line there and what do we read. Is it right for us to decide that if the majority of the MIC delegates wants him to stay, they will vote in his opponents? Yes we do not know. We can never be accurate in our assessments because we don't mix and know them. As total strangers, it is not fair for us to make such judgements.

But whatever is the outcome, the MIC will have lots to do. A key performance indicator that had been slapped upon them by the Barisan Nasional Supremo is that they have to win the hearts and minds of the Malaysian Indian Community. In this case, MIC must represent the total Malaysian Indian Community. If this happens than their presence as a coalition partner in the Barisan Nasional will be relevant.

MIC will have to take stock of their true strength. Statiscally they must have a proper database and these must be translated in the number of registered voters that are their members. Their movement must be properly structured and they must have programs to fulfil the needs of their community in economic, education, health, social and recreation. A proper designated locations of their worshipping place must also be identified.

There must be an effective medium of communication between grassroot members and their leadership at the various levels. Services must be able to be quantified and the deserving is being cared for.

In One Malaysia, they will have a justified and fair hearing. There will be a small number of their community that will be rebellious and chaotic. This is the case in other societies too locally and abroad. We do not have to entertain these drunked few. Lets look after the sober ones amongst us.

Selamat berjuang MIC.

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