Wednesday, June 25, 2008

An eye on the Parliament

What's the fracas? A very busy House - the Parliament. Or my friends use to say "rumah Pak Leiman". Did the vote of no confidence ever managed to reach the house? The postman and woman couldn't find the address? Who are they trying to kid? We all know its a non starter. Yong Teck Lee did not know the difference. A square wouldn't fit into a circle. He is barking at the wrong tree and it was never right from the beginning.

Lets tell him how to do it right. First he needs to detail the grievances. Then he needs his Supreme Council to agree and endorse it. Then he needs to communicate this properly to the Barisan Nasional Secretariate. When and where the BN supreme Council sits, thats when his motion can be tabled. He will definitely be outvoted but will not be expelled from the BN. There is no disciplinary action that can be taken against SAPP because its done in the Barisan spirit and that will make the Prime Minister and Chairman of BN looks stronger and then he can swear in as a Senator and start working for the Brunei, Sarawak, Sabah and Philippines growth area and Pak Lah will stop the Anti Corruption Agency from proceeding to investigate him.

But since he had done it wrong, he is going to face a lot of consequences. Disciplinary action being taken, SAPP expelled from BN and they will stick a good case for all his misdeeds.

Good luck Yong Teck Lee on your future endeavours!

Eh and whats this about the press being barracaded? Whats happening? Suddenly a solemn and prestigious house is turning into a squatter area where political pundits and friends of the anti establishment movement congregates. It will take sometime to return to order. If its not done right then it will be a house of disorder.

As a close friend used to whisper to me, when the Leadership is not blessed (pimpinan yang tidak berkat), you will see that there will be a lot of problems - whether its small, medium or big.

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