Sunday, May 11, 2008

An eye on UMNO

Today UMNO celebrated its (2008-1946) 62 years anniversary. The prophet lived up to 63 years but his muslim brothers and sisters multiplied and expanded till today. The following is greater and greater.

Will UMNO be able to survive after December 2008? Can survive but will it still be relevant?

Those days when they were fighting for independence, members money was sacrificed, members went all out to do what they can for the party. Everywhere they go its what they can do to make the party strong. They never asked what the party can give them in return. They never asked what the leaders can give them in return. Congratulations, they achieved independence.

They continued to work for unity, they worked hard to wipe out communism, they need to secure at least 10 years of peace, if not the British will revoked the independence. They worked hard to build the country. Thank GOD May the 13th, 1969 was two years after the dateline.

They continued to work hard to eradicate poverty and they worked hard to achieve genuine solidarity and unity through social engineering.

Through democratisation of education and pragmatic ideas to be a developed country, Malaysia forges ahead. The twin towers (the highest building in the World at that time) put Malaysia in the ranks of a developed developing country. Economic growth was improving from time to time. The third world respects Malaysia, the Islamic Conference look upon Malaysia for Leadership. The Non Aligned Community is very proud to have Malaysia as their member. We have done well locally and abroad. The super powers are envious !

Get rid of Vibrant, Confident, Visionarry Malaysians.

Put in a friendly face, goody goody guy and slowly but surely UMNO is becoming irrelevant!
UMNO lacks good leadership now. UMNO needs a change in the leadership for it to be relevant.

Yes, a lot of Malays win a lot of seats. They are not UMNO's.

Get up and wake up UMNO. Get rid of those cronies who are parasites to the UMNO Government. Get rid of the "ketuanan" attitude. Get rid of those wakil rakyat who are not serving the rakyat but themselves. Then and only then will "UMNO tak akan hilang ......."

Happy Birthday UMNO.

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