Friday, April 25, 2008

Crying Eyes

In his younger days, he is very brave. He fights the CT's and equally brave when he took charge of the internal affairs of Malaysia. He survives a plane crash when everyone thought he had perished.

He was instrumental of the Rukun Negara and very proud of it till this day for uniting all Malaysians. He had served his constituents well, served his state well, served his country very well and to a certain extend did well at the ASEAN and ASIAN level. Widely recognised all over the world. He voices his opinions freely without fear. That's why I think he is a very brave person. His eyes is full of wisdom and vigour and he is always with fantastic ideas and ideals.

Today the same eyes were cyring. It looks foolish for a brave person to cry. His bravery cannot stop his tears. The eyes cannot stop crying. This morning he lost a very dear companion. Toh PuanKhatijah Abd Majid passed away peacefully this morning about 7-00 am leaving behind Tun Ghazalie Shafie and M and Bak and three grandchildren.

May ALLAH bless her soul. Rest in Peace Toh Puan Puan Sri Khatijah Abd Majid.

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